Dev Log: 9/22-9/24 (Arcade Remake)


We’ve chosen the classic Sega game 005 to revamp with HTML5. We’ve chosen only to focus on the stealth-maze aspect of gameplay and to expand on it with new obstacles such as traps, locked doors and mines. However, the main selling point for our revamping is adding in a PvP function for either competition or co-op. We have discussed other certain gameplay ideas and have decided to hold off on any further ventures until we have a functional demo that can handle more assets and functions. Fellow Producer James will be handling level design and group communication while I will be managing our Trello board as well as documenting and archiving all of our progress throughout the next four weeks. Our Engineers will be working with the HTML5 game engine Phaser to build our game, they will have this week to learn the program and the code.


We have completed our presentation and pitched our idea to Bob and Ryan. They seem to be on board, however, they want us to keep our focus on the 2-player aspect before expanding upon it. Daniel has found Tiled, a map editor to create the layout and framework for the game. Engineers are currently working on getting the basic framework and movement ready while our artist is working on player and NPC avatars and the game map.

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