Dev Log: 10/27-10/29 (Serious Game)


The game is on the cusp of completion, despite the UI still needing to be coded into the prefabs. While it’s supposed to be complete at this point, it seems that the hook-up got botched and our lead programmer is struggling to have the coding fixed and to re-do it. Hopefully, this won’t have any impact on the final product.

We’ve met up with Dr. Jeff McCarthy, Director of the Environmental Humanities department and pitched our idea to him. He gave valuable feedback and approval for the intent and idea of our game and provided some reference for us to use in our research. While I feel this could’ve been done earlier as he could’ve given us good ideas for us to work with as we worked, having his approval is proof enough that we’re on the right track.


With the presentation of our newly christened Ecoland, our game received a rather favorable response from the crowd albeit there was some question of our game would be able to effectively communicate the intent and idea of maintaining balance between industrialization and the ecosystem and how our game would appeal to the general audience. Personally, I feel it falls a bit short of what I had in mind, but regardless, what’s done is done.

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