Dev Log: 10/29-11/12 (Grab Bag Game)


Our most pious professors bestowed upon us a new project, one that inspires free-range creativity…by assigning us specific categories and grab bags filled with random stuff that we must integrate into our game in some shape or form. After being assigned a feel of “Kim Jong-Un” with a “Film Noir” art style with an “Inner City Youth” audience in mind, the first conceptualization of our game was…dismal at best. At first, our team was going to go for a dystopian-type setting in which the player was an assassin who used stealth tactics in an environment similar to Hotline Miami and hunted down crime lords; however, that idea would be sending the wrong message to our intended audience so we were forced to scrap it in favor of something more original.

To that end, we’ve decided to adopt something more in lieu of adventure-puzzle games like Myst and real-life room escape games. This idea is actually must easier for us to work with as I was able to design several puzzles by using our grab-bag items as clues and solutions. Admittedly, this is actually more fun to design as opposed to copy and pasting assets in Unity.


Surprisingly, our team managed to make the go-around quite quickly considering how badly we botched our initial idea. Our tech artist managed to make the environment and assets in practically seconds flat while our engineers were able to fine-tune the interactivity and camera functions of the mobile phone. We designed this as a more economical means for low-income youth to spend their time without wasting money on more detrimental means as well as a way for them to hone their problem solving and abstract thinking skills. As before, our game was appreciatively received, albeit with some concerns of how we can market this to our audience and how players can use the gyroscopic mobile controls.

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