Dev Log: 11/17-11/19 (Reiteration Game)


A big twist for our fifth and final project for this semester, we are supposed to recreate and reiterate one of the previous projects done by a different team while changing a key aspect in the original game. But the clincher is that our engineers will be using the Unreal 4 engine to build our game. With our new team assembled, we’ve decided to remake the class-favorite game Motor Maniacs which was a top-down view driving arena game made for the very first prototype projects. For our iteration, our artist will be using a retrofuturistic style for the cars and the environment while our engineers will be changing it into a first-person view, adding multiplayer functions and integrating orb-collecting reminiscent of Hungry Hungry Hippos.



We are apparently on a good start so far. Our artists have managed to create the placeholder models for our cars while our engineers have managed to get the basic UI, player movement and collision detection operational. We are still currently designing and building the actual cars as well as the racetrack (the traditional figure-8) which we should hopefully have finished by next week and then we can get started on the gameplay itself.

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