Dev Log: 11/25-11/27 (Reiteration Game)



Our engineers have managed to complete the core gameplay mechanics while our artists have completed the models for our futuristic cars. After demonstrating our demo, we are asked what problems our reiteration is solving from the first prototype and what mechanics we are adding to this game to make it fun. It seems that most of the justification to make our game fun lies within our stretch goals which includes the combat and trap mechanics. Our engineers also feel that we should do away with the figure-8 racetrack and settle for an angular arena with slopes in order to

BREAKING NEWS! Our fellow producer/de facto team leader Rony has been forced to drop out of our group due to an unexpected wrench our teachers have decided to through in our sprockets.

While our project is off to a good start, we are still in much need to fulfill the following before moving on to our stretch goals.
1) Integration of hover car model with game mechanics
2) Adjust ball physics
3) Create arena and design landscape
4) Program combat mechanics and destruction physics
5) Create the HUD

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