Dev Log: 12/1-12/3 (Reiteration Game)


Our artists have managed to finish the game environment and assets, however the vehicles still need some fine-tuning before they can be implemented. The engineers are still working hard fine-tuning the core gameplay mechanics. They’ve said that they should get a playable demo finished by Thursday. Hopefully then, we’ll be able to add in some of our stretch goal features that’ll add substance.


Our engineers have managed to complete a first playable using Star Wars speeders as placeholders for the cars (don’t tell Lucas). The ball-collecting mechanic has been finished, but the engineers still need to implement the final car models into the game. At this point, our engineers need to design and implement the UI while fine-tuning the scoring, combat and ball-collecting mechanics. In addition, our artists are still trying to finish the models of the hover cars, but the engineers are still struggling to try to implement them into the prefabs. It seems that they’re more concerned about focusing on the stretch gameplay features rather than completing the core gameplay. However, after some talking, we’ve hopefully managed to get them back on track and to focus on what we’ve all agreed on when Rony was still on the team.

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