Dev Log: 12/8-12/10 (Reiteration Game)


Our alpha prototype is complete with the core gameplay, assets and UI fully functional. After performing the initial pitch to our professors, we’ve failed to realize that we need to have our gameplay centered around marketing our chosen sponsor Bank of America. This threw a wrench in our plans as our was close to impossible of being able to communicate the ideas and values of such a bank which is purposed to improve their public image.

With this startling revelation, our engineers and artists have decided only to make minor changes to the sounds, explosions and the scoring system. Meanwhile, it’s on us producers to try to effectively promote Bank of America through our presentation.


With our final project completed, our team managed to successfully demonstrate a thoroughly polished and functional prototype to our class. However, like practically every other team, we were unable to communicate the Bank of America branding that the assignment entailed. It’s just as well since our teachers PURPOSELY threw in this little objective in the middle of our development in order to teach us how to deal with unexpected developments and demands within a limited time frame. In spite of this, we all agree that this was worth it as our game was the most polished and functional out of every other team. Teachers in the crowd commented that it’s a fun-looking game and it looks beautiful. All in all, the fun factor seems to count most in the game, even if it doesn’t communicate meaningless corporate sponsorship.


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