12/11: EAE Open House!


Our EAE department held an open house event where both Cohort 5 and 6 as well as the undergrads displayed their semester projects for the world to see. For us in Cohort 6, we’ve managed to put almost two dozen of our projects from Rapid-Prototyping on display, though more than several of them wouldn’t function properly. One of my projects, 005: Counter Agents couldn’t start from the main menu so we had to the thing manually from a separate browser menu just so I could demonstrate it to visitors.

We’ve had a bigger turnout than expected as underclassmen and their parents as well as visitors from around town came to marvel our work. We’ve had at least a dozen computers in rows, all of which were occupied by eager patrons who helped themselves to platters of fruits of our labor. I had the distinct pleasure to converse with a couple of visitors from local game development studios and demonstrate 005  to them as well as discuss the many vicissitudes and intricacies that come with development. Apparently, this is just a taste of what I’ll expect when I go to places such as GDC come March. All in all, the turnout was a success and I’d say that in spite of the many hardships that we all went through to get our projects done with only about HALF of what we had planned for, it was all worth it.

I wanna give thanks to my cohort members and every team that I’ve ever been in. You guys truly demonstrated that we are awesome beyond words.

Check out FOX News’s coverage of our event as well as Cohort 5’s thesis project on treating lazy eye. Some strange, long-faced, pointy-cheeked Asian man with John Lennon hair got caught on camera.

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