Dev Log: 3/22-3/24 (Action Game)

Since the disbanding of our Bank Heist team, I’ve joined a new group as the sole producer for a game that’s looking to be an innovative rail shooter with tactical, puzzle and stealth elements. From what I could gather from our team leader, Saurabh Tanna, this game was one of the lower-ranked games in the votes. My inclusion in the team was what saved the project. As of now we’re mostly made up of engineers with just one tech artist to do the animation and basic models. We’re looking to work hard for the rest of this semester to present a more functional and polished prototype that should capture the attention of our entire class and hopefully entice an artist to jump ship onto our team.


We’ve begun our conceptualization phase by figuring out how we will go about revamping the project. Thus far, we’ll be taking some cues from similar games such as Superhot, XCom and Frozen Synapse. We’re even trying to think up of unique design ideas as well as a premise and art style that would help our game stand out. Thus far, our group has identified all of the problems that went into developing the first prototype and have discussed solution of how to alleviate them so our project can move forward. Out of all of the groups in our cohort, our project is the least likely to go over with the professors let alone our peers. However, we are confident that we can produce something eye-catching and fun that will keep it in the loop until the next semester.



We have finally begun development of the second prototype. We are currently focusing on FPS mechanics as well as ammo pick ups and modifications in the overhead map for our next playable. Many other unique gameplay elements as well as themes and styles which were conceived by our teammates will be saved for future implementation. For next Tuesday, we’ll demonstrate our prototype to our professors and classmates and take their feedback into consideration of how to advance our project.


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