Dev Log: 3/29-4/1 (Action Game)


Our prototype development has slowed down somewhat as several of our group members have gotten sick. However, our programmers have managed to complete some of the FPS mechanics, keeping us on schedule. We still need to complete our 2D map, pickups and then some.

We have gotten together and discussed about how pickups would impact gameplay as well as more ideas for the premise. Right now we’re looking to get the skeletal gameplay finished before adding in any more gameplay features that would enhance the experience.


Our engineers have been pulling double duty to make up for lost time. So far, they are almost complete in making the enemy AI functional with gameplay and animation, FPS controls and camera view are now being integrated, the 2D map is being touched up with more visuals, pickup functions have been added, and simple 3D models are being created. All of this should be completed and integrated in the game by this coming Monday, by then we will have a playable prototype ready for testing.

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