Dev Log: 4/5-4/7 (Action Game)


All of our engineers have completed their assigned tasks, which just leaves to combine all of their work to create a playable prototype. Despite this achievement, we’re only halfway done with completing our functional prototype for pitching. As of now, our team is now hard at work designing a playable, challenging level as well as additional functions involving the weapons and enemies. We’ll also need to start searching for audio for our game.

Our Facebook group is now online where we will be making regular postings by displaying screenshots of our models and environments as well as alpha gameplay footage.


Our progress so far…

Our team leader has managed to complete the 2D map with icons in Photoshop, fulfilling our visual needs.  The engineers have also managed to complete some functions of the 2D map’s interface by including the function of blind spots and cursor changes. Most of the FPS mechanics have been finished and hopefully they will be fully integrated come next Monday so we can play-test and demonstrate to some industry professional coming on Tuesday. Our presentation is also nearly finished. Hopefully, our project will be able to steal the show by pitch day.

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