Dev Log: 4/12-4/14 (Action Game)


Judgement Day came as we managed to complete a fully functional playable prototype as well as a flashy Prezi slideshow and gameplay trailer to introduce to several special industry guests who came to see our games. Our presentation went well as we managed to use quite a bit of visual aids to convey the main idea of our game. However, what went best for us is when each guest as well as our teachers came around to play a couple of rounds.

Overall, our game went over well with our class, teachers and guests. The same applies to our fellow classmates who’ve also received similar praise for their concepts and gameplay. With the confirmation that we’re on the right track for our game, the big question is this: where do we go from there?


We’ve met together again today to discuss further gameplay features for our game to feature come EAE Day where our game will be on display. Right now on our to-do list we need to improve the user interface as well as add more gameplay elements such as different weapons and enemies, visual cues and bullet time. Some of the mechanics also have to be expanded on such as a wait time, audio, control scheme, enemy generation and damage feedback.

Our more ambitious ideas will be saved for when we come back for the Fall semester. The most we are focusing on is getting the game honed and polished before our big blowout party come Wednesday the 27th. We’re so pumped!

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