Dev Log: 4/19-4/21 (Action Game)



We’ve managed to get about half of our backlog finished with the rest on the way. For EAE Day, we’ve managed to expand our prototype to TWO levels of gameplay! In addition, we’re honing our UI as well as the gameplay so it won’t be as clunky as it was first presented a week ago.


Our developers are well on their way to completion of our fully function iteration for EAE Day. So far our tech artist has managed to complete texturizing as well as a second level for our engineers to implement gameplay in. Now all he needs to do is complete original models for the enemy AI so we no longer have to use Unity assets. Variable weapons and enemies have been completed and as well as the animation effects that accompany shooting them.

Gameplay-wise, however, our engineers have run into a snag regarding AI navigation. However, they’ve assured me that the game should be still playable by the time everything else has been implemented. Thus far, our backlog is 3/4 complete and we’re confident we can present a fully-functional alpha by EAE day. Right now, we’re working on our  presentation for next Tuesday which is near complete.

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