Dev Log: 4/26-27 (Action Game)


At long last, our prototype has been made fully functional and playable. After a couple of minor tweaks and adjustments that were made last night, we presented it to our professors who reviewed our project as well as our group with thorough scrutiny. After analyzing our project’s gameplay, design, look and concept, our professors wholeheartedly agreed that we have a game that’s strongly innovative and unique with tremendous potential. What we need to focus on is honing and expanding the gameplay while developing original graphics that would suit the look and feel of the game we’re envisioning. They have high hopes for us, which is what we’ll need if we want to deliver the most groundbreaking game in our Cohort.

4/27-EAE DAY

The big day had finally arrived and we had our booth set up in our section of the lab with a nifty poster cleverly designed by our tech artist, Saurabh.

We had four computers set up with phones set to have participants fill out a feedback form after playing. With our classmates as well as guests who came by and tried our game, we’ve had over 100 players over the whole three-hour event. People who played left notably valuable feedback in regards to the design of our gameplay as well as the settings of the mechanics. Our determination is stronger than ever as we are now set to continue our work over the summer to expand and experiment with gameplay as well as create different visuals to establish to appropriate mood and feel for the game. Our unity as a team has finally been recognized, but we still have much work to do ahead as we’ve managed to defy expectations by delivering a truly unique and innovative game that effectively combines two creative elements from IGF games. As the next half of our graduate tenure comes upon us, we’ll seek to achieve even more.

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