Dev Log: 8/23-8/25 (Year 2)


First day back and we can’t stress how much of a relief it is. It has been four long months since the end of our first half of our Master’s program, yet the year felt like it passed by like a breeze. Throughout the whole summer, my team and I kept in touch over Skype and Hangouts. While we weren’t allowed to touch our project, we’ve heavily discussed how to expand the design of our game as well as potential themes and premises to give our game a purpose. We’ve went through the feedback that we compiled from the feedback forms that were filled out by participants on EAE Day. After discussing the faults that our prototype had, we made a list of technical problems for our engineers to fix and hone for when we first get back. We also compiled a list of design ideas of how to expand our game once we’re finished with the polishing.

With that said, we’ve got our backlog assembled, our tasks assigned and our plan ready right on our first day of our 2nd year. On the same day, our three new professors for our Projects class had the chance to play the EAE Day build of our game to get a feel of what we’re trying to make and to determine whether or not our game would be cut from the project line-up for our cohort. In spite of some of the build’s flaws, they saw the potential in our project and provided much valuable insight of how to go about fine-tuning and expanding our game. All in all, I highly doubt we’ll have to worry about our team breaking up anytime soon.


With our development plan ready and our tasks set, we’ve had a half hour-long meeting with our professors to discuss how we’re going to go about improving the mechanics and gameplay of our project. We went over their gameplay experience from Tuesday and they’ve provided us very valuable suggestions and advice on how to expand and revamp the overall design and gameplay experience. In addition, they also gave us very interesting ideas on how to establish a solid premise for our game with a family-friendly theme that can make our game marketable to general audiences. By the time our meeting ending, we were overjoyed of having more ideas to work with and excited of what we could produce in the long run. Although we have a long road of revamping the graphics and improving the mechanics and the HUD, we’re set on finishing the most innovative game in our cohort.

By next week, we’ll have completely done away with some of the pre-rendered Unity assets and start with whitebox graphics. We’re also hoping to have improved the shooting mechanics as well as the bullet time element.

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