Dev Log: 8/30-9/1 (Projects II)


Our engineers are relieved to get back to work, though, they’re still struggling to get over their summer break hangover. Unfortunately over the weekend, a few engineers got ill so we weren’t able to get as much done as we wanted. However, Ajinkya managed to accomplish in revamping the graphics by replacing the pre-made Unity assets we used in our previous build by using white box polygons. As before, simple shapes will replace the enemies, environment, objects and weapons until we come up with more definite designs. As of now, we’re on the right track of having the most viable look for our game.

Ameya has managed to fix the bullet time feature which was criticized for being wonky in our previous build. However, we plan to minimize its importance in later iterations.

Finally, Yashasvi has added more to the graphics by including a glowing trail the the player follows during the 3D segment. We included it in based on the advice by our professors in order to reduce disorientation for the players as they were shooting.

Our professors were pleased by our progress, however, they were concerned about what direction were planning to take for the game by the time our engineers are finished fixing all the technical issues and applying the new graphics. We brought up to them all the brilliant ideas that were proposed to us to expand the gameplay and to make it more compelling. While they were satisfied with our suggestions, they expect us to experiment and toy with these ideas so we can find the “sweet spot” that our game needs in order to stand out. They also recommended that we play some rail shooters to give us some more inspiration.


Our dev plan is set! After much deliberation, we’ve decided to take our game in a new direction in order to address some of the critiques in regards to the rail shooting mechanics. I’ll post more details as soon as our project moves forward.

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