Dev Log: 9/13-9/15


All of Cohort 6 got to present our projects to Cohort 7 today. We managed to get out the whole gist of our game to the audience as well as our development plan for the length of the semester. After an extensive Q&A with some members of the Sevens, we finally got back on the road of what issues that we needed to address for our game. Our professors then approached us to address some clarification on the changes we decided to make for our game. They were concerned whether or not we were forced to incorporate their ideas into our game, however, we assured them that we liked them so much we had to add them in. However, Bob was not so enthusiastic about our new direction, claiming that the fixed rail mechanic helped make our game stand out. In spite of his disappointment, we took his feedback into account and are planning to have people play both builds of our game so we can make a compromise that involved keeping some elements of our original build.


Our team has gotten our tasks listed and we’re ready to get our next build completed by next week, which will hopefully be fully-functional for our classmates to play test. By then, we’ll have both builds on our computers for people and professors to play and give feedback on.

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