Dev Log: 9/22 & 10/18


A playable build of the game with the payload function has been completed, albeit with some technical difficulties. We had the opportunity to have this build as well as our EAE Day build playtested by our classmate and teachers. We also had them fill out a feedback form to gather data on whether or not our implementation of the payload mechanic got over with the audience. After having about 30 people play both our builds, the results were generally positive, albeit with some criticism over the shooting mechanics, the UI and the gameplay balancing. Our teachers and classmate were particularly eager to see what kind of challenges we would come up with in the future in regards to the payload mechanic. They also advised us to keep the 2D Map aspect strong since it’s such an integral part of the high concept.


Several weeks gone and we’re still going strong. We’ve come a long way from starting out with pre-made Unity assets and half-built programming into something much stronger and near-worthy for IGF. Quality-wise, it’s still a bit far off, but we’re crunching hard to make the deadline.



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