Dev Log: 12/9 (Robros)


It’s been a long turbulent road marked with unexpected delays and unreachable goals, but we’ve managed to culminate in an improved version of our IGF build. Thus far in our build our artists managed to succeed in completely revamping the GUI by replacing the chalky graphics with sci-fi themed digital graphics as well as retexturing the environment and adding in the new NPC models. Our engineers also outdone themselves by improving the NPCs’ behavior pattern, the 2D Map function, the 3D gameplay including shooting and pickups and expanding the overall design of the game with newly designed levels and challenges such as traps.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to implement the new level and trap function into the next build of our game soon enough for playtesting. Instead, we will only be applying the changes to the GUI, assets and environment as well as the gameplay improvements to the build we submitted to IGF. We’re sorely disappointed that the latest build we dished out is not up to par nor was it the one we expected it to be. I can only suppose that the cold weather in November gave some of our team members the Winter Blues. Thanksgiving may also have sidetracked our progress. Nevertheless, life goes on and it’s only logical that we make up for this fiasco by crunching during the winter break.


EAE Play Day was yet another exciting day for us developers as we finally managed to put Robros up for public testing. We had quite a turnout as guests, classmates, schoolmates and professors came to try our latest build. We’ve gathered valuable feedback from ardent gamers and industry professionals alike who all agree that our game is indeed something unique and outstanding yet with plenty of room for improvement. We’ve also impressed several youths which our game is targeted towards, with all of them saying that they’d buy this game and recommend it to your friends should it be available.

All in all, the event was a substantial success for us as we’ve managed to garner players that came in droves, partially because of the promotion tactic that I used by holding a leaderboard competition with a $10 Steam Gift Card on the line. We managed to promote a fair amount of awareness to the public which we intend to fan with social media. We still got a long way to go, but with enough time to spare to ensure we deliver a solid quality game for IGF.


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