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Behold my rap sheet for every game project which I have been involved in throughout my career. This list includes my designer work at development studios, projects for my EAE Master’s degree at U of Utah as a producer, and games I have served as producer for at various studios. Watch the trailers, read my logs and understand what I hope to achieve as a game developer. 

Original Michael Bay Project


by The Rogue Initiative

For the initial conceptualization of a major project in collaboration with Michael Bay, I was responsible for creating and organizing the development plan for the prototype of the project. I ensured that our team met sprints while we stayed on track with our overall schedule. Also, I created, edited and formatted the official design document for the project.

Steel Cobras


by The Rogue Initiative

In collaboration with innovative 4D theater and entertainment tech company MediaMation Inc.,  I worked with the team to ensure that an on-rail shooter game was produced in just one month while coordinating activities in conjunction with that of MediaMation.



by Team B.R.O.S.

The culmination of all of our skills and experience from our previous work experience and education to develop a fundamentally original game. I worked alongside six engineers, two 3D modelers and one artist worked for the past year and a half to develop an innovative, robot-themed action-strategy shooter inspired by classic arcade rail shooters as well as modern FPS and turn-based strategy games. We were practically an underdog team with a lukewarm reception to our idea, yet we managed to pull it off with panache and style to the likes non expected.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Project, Resource & Team Management
  • Catering (LOTS of food!!!)
  • Communication: Written & Verbal
  • Research & Collaboration
  • Documentation & Paperwork
  • Pitching & Presentation
  • Branding & Marketing
    • Conceived team image
    • Had flyers & business cards on
    • Paraphernalia (HATS!)
  • Public Relations
  • Correspondence & Commissioning
  • Video Editing & Publishing (iMovie, Adobe After Effects & Premiere)
  • Sound Design, Recording & Editing (Audacity)
  • Story & Writing
  • Graphic Design & Editing
  • User Feedback
    • Generated several google forms to collect player feedback
    • Collected data and presented to team
  • Web Design & Management
    • Used to host game website
    • Maintained updates & information

Wrap-Kits: #1, #2, #3

Postmortems: #1, #2, #3

Chasing Dead

by 2020Venture

A  horror and sci-fi themed action shooter in which you play as a cyborg mercenary named Jake who finds himself in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth in which the entire human race has been turned into horrifying mutants and zombies. Your main objective is to collect any pieces of research left behind by scientists and agents who investigated this alternate world. You will venture through many locations around the world as you collect weapons from rifles, shotguns and rocket launchers to knives, hammers, and chainsaws to decapitate zombies, slay mutants and engage in intense firefights against insane soldiers.

You’ll drive tanks and jeeps through the snowy tundras of Russia and the hot deserts of Afghanistan while dodging mines and rockets. You will also explore haunted buildings and an abandoned mine as you search for the truth of this world’s demise.

NOW AVAILABLE ON Steam, Wii U eShop and coming soon to PS4!

Bionic Marine Command Online (CANCELLED)

by Space Dwarves Entertainment Inc.

An ambitious Sci-Fi MMORPG experience that can be played offline to enjoy a story-based and objective-driven experience or online with guild members, friends, and open games. In the far future, in which humans have expanded far beyond the solar system, a massive space-faring plague breaks out that wipes out every adult in the Osiris System, leaving only the children and youth to fend for themselves. This single and multiplayer RPG games will have main quest lines that will provide countless hours of focused, story-driven content with a new book in our novel series released with each expansion. THIS PROJECT HAD SADLY BEEN CANCELED


 Serious Game: Trigger Point

A dialogue-focused interactive game that deals with workplace aggression. The player is faced with four different situations in which they choose various bits of dialogue to resolve tense workplace situations including harassment, bullying, and excess work. You must strike the right balance between passiveness and aggression in order to be appropriately assertive. I was responsible for writing the dialogue and researching statistics to be implemented in the game.

Project File and Presentation


puzzle-shooter focused on color and shape recognition in which you blast gem-like targets with beams of the same color while collecting the correct targets in the appropriate lane.

Wrap-Kit and Postmortem

005: Counter Agents

A remake of the stealth arcade game with multiplayer gameplay. Capture the briefcase before your opponent does while avoiding the flashlights of patrolling guards. Click here to play

Wrap-Kit and Postmortem

Update: My old teammates who worked on this project have reiterated and released their own version which has been dubbed as Counter Agents which has been approved on Steam Greenlight.


A strategy simulation game where you control an island and must maintain the ecosystem and animal population while appeasing the demands of the meat industry over the course of a year.

Wrap-Kit and Postmortem

The Modus Room

A first-person puzzle game for mobile created in lieu of Myst and inspired by real-life escape room games. You search around an enclosed environment analyzing objects in search for clues in order to solve puzzles. Find the key in order to proceed through an endless maze of mystery and intrigue.

Wrap-Kit and Postmortem


A vehicular-combat arena game with retro-futuristic themes where you drive on of four hover cars and collect bouncing energy orbs dropping from above the arena. Collect as many of them as you can and then shoot them into your goal hoop or fire them at your opponents before the orbs turn red and explode!

Wrap-Kit and Postmortem
Click the image to watch trailer!


Bank Heist

An action game in which you play as an entire hostage police force by taking the roles of the negotiator, infiltrator, sniper and hacker. Buy as much time as you can as the negotiator while hacking surveillance cameras, using stealth tactics and sniping from a helicopter.

Wrap-Kit and Postmortem


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