This is a collection of all of my writing projects and assignments which includes technical documents such as essays, theses and idea pitches as well as creative pieces such as poems, short stories and screenplays.


  • The Edibles List
    I am a regular columnist and editor to an independent magazine that features cannabis/marijuana products, news, tips and recipes. I have written dozens of articles under the pen name L.C. Squared.
  • The Nightmare Labyrinth
    An interactive fiction adaptation of the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur with logic puzzles, branching narratives and fantasy themes.

Full Sail

  • Protheosis
    My Master’s thesis which is a game design document that outlines and details an idea for a story-driven futuristic RPG action-adventure game. The game is about a genetically-engineered clone worker that gains sentience and seeks the truth of its creation while being pursued by totalitarian forces. Contact me to request a copy. A Twine interactive fiction that demonstrates branching dialogue can be played here.
  • Fireflies in the Night
    The script adaptation of my sci-fi short story, Outpost Crusoe.
  • Henrietta: Sovereign of the Stars
    A pitch document for an animated sci-fi/fantasy series based on Shakespeare’s Henry IV & V plays.
  • Infinity Edge-Malala
    A script of the first act for a sci-fi animated series starring two unruly youngsters who travel parallel universes.
  • No Good Deed-Pleasing the Ghost
    A pitch script for a web sitcom in which the main character summons the ghost of his mother.
  • Outpost Crusoe
    A sci-fi themed short story about the daily life of a lone teenage soldier stationed in a barren alien world.


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