I’ve always had an affinity for the visual arts, which I regrettably, had not decided to build on for my career. While I am not an outright major in graphic design, I’ve been developing and honing my Photoshop skills since high school which included photography and graphical editing in order to create collages and combined images. In college, I was trained by renowned visual design artist Bobbi Long who taught me vector design skills that I needed to create logos and compound images.

From then on, I had to learn how to use the power of Adobe Creative Suite on my own. After lots of Youtube and Lynda videos, my skills developed to a point where I even surprise myself. I never imagined in my life that would be creating videos in After Effects to use for our trailers which I would build in iMovie or Premiere.

Team B.R.O.S. & RoBros

  • Part of my duties as a producer was being responsible for branding and marketing. I had to create logos that helped give some identity to my team and make our game stand out. I created several mockup logos in Illustrator and then got approval to go forward with one particular design and even went as far to create .gif animated versions, all in Photoshop.

  • Business card, game poster and flyer that I’ve made with Photoshop
  • Some glitch effects I added to the logos using After Effects to use for the trailer

Some initial logo designs for my pen name