Dev Log: 10/25-10/27


After a long week of crunch, my team has finally managed to pull through an upset by finishing a build for IGF. After pulling sound effects and background music from the Internet and having to scream into a microphone and putting my voice into different filters, we finally get to have full-fledged audio integrated into our game. As of now, we’re NO longer Action Game, but rather ROBROS. A gameplay trailer of the new build can be watched here.

In addition, one of our Cohort’s teams was forced to disband due to internal conflicts. A bit of a silver lining came out of it as we now finally have an artist. She’s been very eager to join our team and is willing to implement some of the work she did for the previous project into our own to save on time. With this milestone achievement, we’re set on planning on the next direction for our game so it’ll be a big hit at IGF and, hopefully, the Steam platform. Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got to buy beers for my team.

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