Work Experiencce

  • Assistant Producer – The Rogue Initiative, Los Angeles, CA (Sept 2017-June 2018)
    • Assisted CEO, Design Director and Producer in production planning, scheduling and project management as well as creation of pitch decks, writing coverage of inbound scripts, etc.

    • Misc tasks: web design, community management, marketing, video & video editing, design document creation and other various ad hoc assignments as needed
    • Established new planning, scheduling and task management system for projects
    • Maintained website and social media
  • Game Producer – University of Utah Entertainment Art & Engineering Master’s Program (Aug 2015-Current)
    • Rapid Prototyping: Polyrism, 005: Counter Agents, EcoLand, The Modus Room and Hyperdrive
    • Game Projects I: Bank Heist & Action Game: The Movie
  • Game Designer – 2020Venture, San Mateo, CA (July 2014-July 2015)
    • Designed gameplay, developed assets, and playtested for Chasing Dead
    • Wrote content for design document, main website, social media and Wii manual
    • Completed levels for Alpha development
  • Writer, Rules Team Lead & Magazine Content Editor-Space Dwarves Entertainment Inc. (January 2014-July 2015)
    • Wrote business plan, designed training missions, and designed gameplay rules for flagship project, Bionic Marine Command Online
    • Wrote and edited web content and designed gameplay rules for Lords of Luria Online
    • Outlined, wrote and edited content for company newsletter, BMCO Development Dossier



  • Received training & experience in theater acting at Cal State Monterey Bay’s Music and Performing Arts department by Will Shephard
  • Coyote Tales
    • Played five supporting roles for four live performances
  • The Fisherman Ming Cho Yee and the Princess Under the Sea

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